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Educational Adventure Travel for College Credit

FlatWorld Expeditions specializes in providing once in a lifetime educational adventure travel experiences for optional college credit. We’ve been challenging and expanding students' (and sometimes their parents') horizons since 1990. Whether it's a leadership course at tree line in Colorado or a historical tour of Austria, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, or Israel, our onsite courses make textbooks' concepts and theories come to life. Connect today, so you can see if this experience is something your should pursue.


Three Hours College Credit

Everyone has different approaches and priorities when it comes to educating today's college students. Our doctorally qualified team believes that one of the best ways to educate students is to have them connect course content to the culture in real time. Email us today!


Read What Faculty & Students Say About Us

You truly want a holistic education. Traveling and experiencing things first hand opens up your world to new experiences that no book or classroom can ever offer.  Going on a trip to Israel with Dr. Weaver has changed the way I think about the world, how I view scripture, and how I live my life.  It was absolutely priceless!  Rocky Clark, Superintendent and High School Principle

Rocky Clark

"The student study trips provided by FlatWorld Expeditions are phenomenal opportunities for any student.  The experiential education gained in meeting with businesses or exploring culture pays exponential dividends for the cost invested in the course.  Every student needs to participate in at least one of these trips and I know I can trust Wendel Weaver to provide the best possible education experience for my students."
Dr. Kirk Jackson, John Brown University

Kirk Jackson

“Traveling with Professor Weaver has truly been a joy; I’ve visited New York, Hong Kong, and Israel under his direction. He always does extensive research before embarking on a trip with students in order for all of us to have the most memorable experiences.”
Dr. Beverly J. Hartter, Mathematics professor, OKWU

Bev Hartter

For once in your life you finally want to quit reading everyone else's book and write your own. A trip to the Holy Land with Dr. W is like going back in time.  He not only takes you where Jesus walked, he brings it to life for adventure of a lifetime. Very seldom does something defy my expectations, this trip blew me away! Donnie Bostwick, Head Men's Basketball Coach, OKWU

Donnie Bostwick

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Expanding Horizons


Global Leadership or Global Business Courses
San Francisco | New York City | Colorado

England | Greece | Italy | Israel | France | Spain | Switzerland


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San Francisco March 16-23, 2023

With its diverse attractions and welcoming atmosphere, San Francisco promises an unforgettable way to earn three hours of fully transferable college credit. Whether you're looking to connect with top employers in the world, explore west coast history, expand your foodie self, explore new art, or take in magnificent nature, this city offers a plethora of experiences that will leave you enchanted. Pack your bags and embark on a journey to San Francisco, where every moment is a cherished memory waiting to be made.


What to Expect!


Meet Top Employers: For students interested in networking with top employers, whether in accounting, marketing, or technology and innovation, San Francisco is one of the top cities in the US for these types of connections.


Three Hours of College Credit: Hands down, trip courses are the most memorable and most fun way to earn fully transferrable college credit.


Cultural Diversity: San Francisco is a melting pot of different cultures. It's a great place to learn about different traditions, languages, and cuisines, making it an enriching experience for college students.


Historical Significance: San Francisco has a rich history, especially about the Gold Rush and the 1960s counterculture movement. Students interested in history can explore.


Art and Creativity: San Francisco has a vibrant arts scene, from museums like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to street art in neighborhoods like the Mission District. Students interested in art, music, and creative endeavors will find plenty of inspiration here.


Beautiful Scenery: The city offers stunning views, from the iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the picturesque Alcatraz Island. Nature lovers can also explore nearby destinations like Muir Woods and Yosemite National Park.


Culinary Delights: San Francisco is renowned for its diverse culinary scene. From food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, there's something for every palate and budget. It's a great place to experiment with different cuisines.


Uncover the Charms of San Francisco: A City of Endless Wonders


Are you seeking an unparalleled travel experience that blends captivating history, diverse culture, and breathtaking landscapes? Look no further than San Francisco, a city that effortlessly weaves together the old-world charm with modern marvels, creating a tapestry of unique experiences for every visitor.


Golden Gate Bridge - Iconic Marvel: Behold the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge, an architectural marvel that spans the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. Its rust-orange hue against the azure sky is an unforgettable sight, offering splendid photo opportunities and a chance to appreciate engineering brilliance.


Alcatraz Island - A Journey into History: Embark on a boat ride to Alcatraz Island, home to the infamous Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Explore the cells that once housed notorious criminals like Al Capone, unraveling the mysteries of this former maximum-security prison.


Fisherman's Wharf - Culinary Delights and More: Indulge your senses at Fisherman's Wharf, where the aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread mingles with the tantalizing scent of seafood. Enjoy delectable clam chowder in sourdough bowls and witness sea lions basking in the sun, creating a delightful ambiance.


Museums and Art Galleries - A Haven for Art Enthusiasts: Art aficionados will find solace in San Francisco's numerous museums and galleries. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art showcases contemporary masterpieces, while the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park boasts an impressive collection of American art and artifacts.


Nature's Beauty - Tranquil Escapes: Escape the urban hustle by visiting the serene Golden Gate Park, a lush oasis offering gardens, lakes, and museums. For nature enthusiasts, a trip to Muir Woods National Monument provides an opportunity to marvel at ancient redwood trees, standing tall for centuries.


Unforgettable Sunsets - Romantic Moments: Cap off your day with a romantic sunset at Lands End, where the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. The panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge create a picture-perfect setting for memorable moments.

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